The huge, vacant, former industrial building, at 315 N. 12th Street is finally receiving a new life. The space has been vacant for quite some time and was recently adorned with some sort of artistic display, but soon it will be the home of new luxury condos. On July 20th, the ZBA approved an increase in the number of apartment units it previously approved from 145 to 163.


Plans for the project include turning the roof into a terrace deck which will also provide a pool for residents. Also on the list of luxury amenities are a fitness center, additional outdoor lounging space, and an underground parking garage. One thing we’re not sure we understand- the underground garage will have 18 parking spaces and there will be an additional 46 spaces available at 1201 Callowhill St. Is parking so easy in this neighborhood that a hundred residents will be able to park close by on the street? It’s not that absolutely all new development should provide 1:1 parking, it’s just that this neighborhood isn’t exactly “walkable,” and we imagine that everyone who ends up buying here will definitely have a car. And those people probably won’t be stoked to walk more than a block or so from their parking spot, particularly in this neighborhood where the streets aren’t so bustling. We’re not saying this is a bad thing per se, we’re just wondering whether this might have an impact on the attractiveness of the units to buyers.



While the price range for these new spots has not been disclosed at this time, we are willing to bet that we won’t be able to afford them, but that’s not a reason we would knock this impressive improvement to the neighborhood. Since the property fell out of use many years ago, the interior has become a graffiti writer’s paradise of sorts as well as a spot for locals who want to catch a killer view of the city; now they’ll have to find a different building to scale. With the Wolf Building all but across the street, the area which has been coined “The Loft District” is seemingly upholding it’s name. We will be anxious to see the completion of this project and the effect it has on this changing neighborhood.

–Kaitlin Bostwick