Last week, we told you about plans to construct a large building on the 1200 block of Buttonwood Street, next door to the most excellent Prohibition Taproom. Well, it seems like the development spirit is alive and well on this block, as we have news today about another development that’s apparently coming to this block, after being approved by the ZBA in January. This project will take place on the vacant lot at the southeast corner of 13th and Buttonwood, across the street from the bar and the proposed development that we mentioned the other day.

The lot

Developer JW Property Investments LP purchased this lot (actually three separate lots), along with 1236 Buttonwood St., an existing home, for $480K about a year and a half ago. Their plan is to fix up the house, and build a large building next door, with a corner commercial space as well as 15 residential units. YCH Architects did the design work for this project- check out the renderings!

Elevations drawing, 13th St. side

Elevations drawing, Buttonwood St. side

Cool lookin' rendering

When Prohibition Taproom opened a few years ago, we wondered if their location was perhaps too remote for them to achieve long-term success. Today, we’ve got egg all over our faces, as this location is proving oddly prescient, considering all the plans on the way for this corner. Not only are the two projects mentioned above on the way, but let’s not forget another eleven apartments on the way, just around the corner.

On the other hand, perhaps some of this development wouldn’t even be taking place if not for the bold location selection on the part of the owners of Prohibition. Kind of a chicken/egg dilemma, ya know? And while we’re on the subject of eggs, might we recommend the omelets at Cafe Lift, just down the street?

Yup, things are movin’ and shakin’ in this neighborhood…