Have you always dreamed of living in a historic building? Do you have an affinity for the Graduate Hospital neighborhood? Are a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Well, we may just have the solution to all of your problems and a way to actualize your wildest dreams.


Recently, on the Southwest Center City Facebook page, we stumbled upon a listing for the Governor’s Mansion building located at Naval Square. The asking price is $2.5M. For the past several years, this building has been home to the division office for Toll Brothers City Living, but next year the office will be moving out, opening the door to somebody making this building a home for the first time in decades.

According to the listing, the structure is only two stories high but has over 6,500 sqft of interior space. Since it’s located on the grounds of Naval Square, it comes with all the perks the gated community has to offer, like super-security and access to the gym and pool. It also comes with four deeded parking spaces. Currently, it’s laid out as an office, and to convert it to a home will require some pretty significant renovation. So when you’re making your offer, you should probably factor in a couple extra million just to be safe.

Sample layout for a home from the listing. Not really high res, so you can only get a basic idea here

Before Naval Square was redeveloped into condos about a decade ago, several buildings on the site were demolished. Thankfully, the Governor’s Mansion and Biddle Hall were saved. Hopefully, a buyer will come forward to purchase the historic mansion, and will restore it inside to its former glory. And they’ll let us come and visit when they’re done.

Note for our mansion-owning readers: We’re always available to house-sit when you go out of town for weeks at a time. Just sayin’, the offer is always on the table.