Looking southeast toward the parking lot

Currently, a parking lot occupies the huge open space at the southeastern corner of 22nd and South Sts. According to public record, the lot is owned by Grasso Holdings, which also owns almost the entire northern side of the block and is currently working on a mixed use project that will include apartments and retail. But we’re hearing that Grasso may have recently sold the lot for a staggering price.

Coming Soon: City Fitness, Doggie Style, Honey's

With over 12K sqft of land, this lot could accommodate a host of different uses. A Stephen Starr restaurant? 22nd and South didn’t exactly work for Mr. Starr once upon a time. A third Honey’s, for when the line across the street is too long to bear? Might be excessive. How about a 9200 sqft. CVS which would also include seven parking spaces? Not that we have any sort of inside information or anything. So much for our best idea for a tenant for the Royal Theater…

Looking south down 22nd St. Lot is on the left.