As is the case in every city, parking is a concern in Philadelphia. With that in mind, we accept parking lots as a necessary evil, giving residents and visitors alike a place to put their vehicles while they’re not behind the wheel. The lowest form of parking lot, in our estimation, is the surface lot, which takes only a limited number of cars off the road and only offers passersby a view of an ocean of cars at street level. Parking garages are certainly more efficient, though they are quite often architectural horrors, making little to no effort to fit in with their surroundings.


Such is the case for the parking garage located at 1700 South Street, which is used primarily by employees and patients of Penn Medicine Rittenhouse, a facility that occupies several former Graduate Hospital buildings. No one would make the argument that this building is anything but ugly- but it does offer one unusual and unexpected feature that stands out as a redeeming quality. Directly behind the building is a block-long green space on the 1700 block of Kater Street.

Near 18th St.

Moving east

More green ahead

Lovely flowers among the trees

Close to 17th St.

We don’t know when this green space was established or who tends to it, but it’s currently in full bloom and looks fabulous. We’d suggest you head over in the coming weeks and take a peek. You’ll be glad you did. And maybe you’ll hate that parking garage just a little bit less.

Looking west from near 17th St.