Since it’s Labor Day weekend, we figured we’d give you a quick update on the progress for the commercial spaces at the former Union building at 21st and South Sts.

Massive building

First, the good news: Doggie Style opened for business this past week. No signage yet, but otherwise they’re good to go.

Doggie Style, from the outside

City Fitness still seems to have quite a bit of work to do, though they’ve done plenty of framing inside and we don’t know about their progress in the basement. According to an email from a couple of weeks ago, the grand opening will happen between mid-September and mid-October. From what we can tell looking in the window, we’re thinking it’ll be mid-October at the absolute earliest.

Plans for the first floor. Ooh, a juice bar!

Though they just cut new windows out of the bricks yesterday, it seems that Honey’s is still a ways off.

Yeah, not quite ready yet

As always, we will update as more we notice more progress or additional information becomes available.