Commenter G-ho Res gave us the heads up about an impressive mural that’s been revealed with the complete demolition of the 3rd story of 1801 Christian St., a subject we wrote about yesterday.

You could sort of see it last week

Wow! From a few hours ago.

As we mentioned yesterday, the building’s owner allowed BetterBlocks Philly to use the vacant space back in October. The first floor was largely used to coordinate the setup of various projects on the street for BetterBlocks. Upstairs hosted a couple of events, including a Philly Works sponsored art installation of which the mural was one of the subjects. The Philadelphia Map Mural was created by local artists Shira Walinsky & Adam Carrigan, and for a short time, it brought new life to this vacant space.

From the BetterBlocks site

Within a couple of days, we imagine this mural will be dust. So check it out, if you have the chance, while you still can…