We’ve told you a few times about the oddly shaped home going up at 1732 Kater St., last checking in after framing. Whelp, the facade has been put up, and the developers are going with the ultra-contemporary look.

From Trend

The home was listed last week for $449,000. According to the listing, it’s got two bedrooms and three full bathrooms, but there’s no mention of the interior square footage. Other features include a finished basement, a front garden, a fiberglass roofdeck, and a front balcony.

Frontal view, kind of shadowy

We’re truly impressed that the developers were able to craft a house like this on such a strange lot. If only they would swap out the unfortunate Home Depot doors, as many readers have suggested, we’d be able to throw both arms around this place. Good news: there’s still time!