If you live nearby and keep tabs on such things (and you probably do if you're reading this), you know that the Toll Brothers project at 2400 South Street took many years to get off the ground. Originally an adaptive reuse proposal, it eventually evolved into a project with five rows of stacked duplex condos and a large condo building on 24th Street. Architecturally, the project borrows much from Naval Square next door. Unlike Naval Square, it's not a totally gated community, and some of the units actually have direct street access.

Site plan

We visited the project a little over a year ago, and the units in Section A were halfway framed out. When we returned in November of last year, Sections B, C, and D were up, and framing was just beginning for Section E. Preliminary site work was taking place on 24th Street. Checking in last week, we found some impressive progress.

View on Bainbridge

With the units on Bainbridge Street fully framed and partially sheathed, it's almost impossible to see what's happening with the inner units. From the corner of Bainbridge, we were able to get a little peek.

Looking into the development

From the east

You can see, the eastern end of the Bainbridge Street units are still waiting for bricks, but the interior sections appear to be finished. Also, the condo building is one floor up. This is more easily seen from South Street.

Corner of 24th & South

The first floor of the condo building will contain parking and a retail space. Four more stories will soon rise above the concrete first floor you see above. You can also see, an elevator tower is under construction. It's crazy to think that just a little over two years ago, a large garage was still standing on this site.

The last time we checked in here, we mentioned that we were surprised to see construction moving so quickly for this project. Our surprise remains. Naval Square, though admittedly a larger project, took many years and many phases before it was eventually completed. It looks like Toll Brothers is building 2400 South Street as quickly as they possibly can, indicating that demand has been very healthy for the condo units. We expected a much longer horizon for the project, and now we wouldn't be shocked to see it finished by the end of the year. Guess it's time to start wondering about what business they'll find for an "unprogrammed" commercial space at 24th & Bainbridge. Anyone have any requests?