Less than a decade ago, the housing stock on the 1900 block of Kimball Street consisted of two rows of two-story homes, mostly of the severely blighted variety, as well as a decent amount of vacant land. By 2006, it was largely a blank slate, with almost every existing building demolished. (That had to be NTI, right?) Before the end of that year, new construction was ongoing on this block and its barely stopped since. Six years later, dozens of new homes have been constructed.

Probably 2008

The same shot, this week. Quite the difference.

One patch of stubbornly vacant land remains, though it’s currently shrinking.

Still vacant, mostly owned by Everbest Properties LLC

In February, two developers presented plans to SOSNA to build new homes on this block. Dermot Mccartan purchased 1909 Kimball St. for $80K at the end of last year, and currently has a foundation poured for the construction of a new, single family homes. The Nestler Group paid $107,500 for 1923 Kimball St., also at the end of last year, and has framed out a new single family home, as you can see above.

Foundation for 1909 Kimball St.

Everbest Properties owns five of the remaining six vacant lots in the middle of this block. They’ve owned these lots for several years, and we couldn’t tell you when they intend to build. We imagine the neighbors are hoping it happens sooner rather than later. In the meantime, at least the gap in the block is closing a little bit with the construction of these two new homes.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.