The 2500 block of Montrose St., located off of Grays Ferry Avenue and pretty much next door to the less-than-picturesque Veolia Plant, is a block that’s experienced some development recently and is set for significant change in the coming years. Back in March, we told you about three condo units under construction near the far end of the block, and those homes are now complete. Recently, construction got underway on two more homes, with more on the way.

View on Grays Ferry

Framed out and moving along

Closer look

Builder John McHugh received support from SOSNA for the construction of 2531-35 Montrose St. back in May, and two of the three homes are well on their way. As you can see, these are garage-front homes and each will be intended for single-family use. Looking down the block, you can see the completed homes we told you about months ago, but little change otherwise.

Looking west

You may recall, Metro Impact proposed a large development on this block almost a year ago, but nothing has happened since. Several near neighbors were opposed to this project, due to the height and the lack of open space in the rear yards. The project would have been a game changer for the block, but was withdrawn in April.

Rendering of the project

Now, with the implementation of the new zoning code, Metro has applied for over-the-counter permits to build three homes by right on the north side of this block, each 38′ high, as well as a few homes on the south side. We’re hoping that these homes resemble the original renderings, and that they’ll go up sooner rather than later.

Yes, very soon, this block will have been totally transformed. Now… can the steam plant go someplace else?