At 2305-07 Carpenter St. two new homes will soon replace an ugly old garage. Local developer MetroImpact purchased the property back in 2010 and tore down the garage. Due to a number of other projects moving forward in the neighborhood, Metro sold the property to TBM Group, a developer we mentioned last month regarding an upcoming project at 19th and Poplar Sts. The now demolished garage building, which covered the entire 32’x40′ lot, was clearly not offering the highest and best use for the property.

Not a handsome building

A recent look at the property

According to the zoning application from earlier this year, the developer will build two single family homes on this lot, which will include bay windows and roof decks. We give the developers credit for constructing new homes on one of the less desirable blocks in the neighborhood. With Saint Anthony’s Senior Residence and its parking lot taking up much of the north side of the block, and the rear of 2301 Washington Ave., a property with a blighted present and an unclear future, covering half the southern side, these new houses won’t exactly have location as a primary selling point. Though there are a handful of homes on Bonsall St. and on the western end of the block, the small number of people actually living on the street greatly reduces the energy on the block.

Saint Anthony's

Gross looking warehouse

On the other hand, there’s a park a block away. And Divan. And Sidecar. And the number of buildable parcels in the neighborhood isn’t getting any bigger…