Things sure have changed in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood in the last decade. Back then, vacant homes still dotted the streets and some large parcels remained, ripe for redevelopment. There were a few more churches, too. Today, but a handful of vacant lots remain and we can't think of too many large parcels left in the neighborhood. As such, a lot of the development we're seeing here these days involves renovation of existing buildings or the complete demolition of existing buildings and the construction of something all new in their place. Such is the case for two adjacent properties on the 2200 block of Christian Street.

The view in the past

Current view

Developers acquired 2204 and 2206 Christian St. last year, paying $340K (yikes!) for the former and a much more appropriate $230K for the latter. The old homes are now getting torn down, and new buildings will rise in their place. The permits aren't clear about exactly what we can expect here, but given the purchase price and the multi-family zoning for the properties, we'd wager on condos. Perhaps we'll see duplexes, or maybe even triplexes. And with Sidecar trucking along across the street, this would seem like an ideal location for anyone looking to move to the neighborhood.

Sidecar is across the street

Which reminds us… isn't it time for happy hour about now?