A reader tipped us off that two homes were in the process of being torn down on adorable Saint Albans Street, in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood. We went over and took a peek, and it’s true- 2026 and 2028 Saint Albans St. are pretty much gone.

In the past


At least one if not both of these homes, according to a neighbor who was hanging out watching the carnage, were previously nuisance properties, until the tenants were forced out a couple of years ago when the properties were sold. In 2009, a group purchased both properties for $145K each. A couple of months ago, Lily Dev LP purchased 2026 for $250K and 2028 for $190K. Pretty good profit in three years for the previous owners, huh?

Another angle

Since these properties don’t have zoning applications associated with them, we assume that the developers will be building three story homes, by right. Since there’s an alley in the back, we’d be shocked if the new homes don’t have rear access parking. Considering that new homes on this block have sold for over $500K, we’d imagine that these homes will be priced right in that neck of the woods.

We’ll keep an eye on this project, and update once things are framed out.