Back in July, we openly wondered about the future of the barren wasteland at 17th and Carpenter Sts. Based on a new sign on the property along with a couple of other ongoing projects in the area, we’re suddenly feeling very bullish about this corner.

Orange sign

On Wednesday, November 16th at 7pm, the SOSNA Zoning Committee will hold its monthly meeting at 1941 Christian St., in the Saint Charles Senior Center. Among the many items on the agenda for that night is a presentation on 1001-1035 S. 17th St., or the entire southeastern side of the intersection. At this meeting, attendees will hear about the developers’ proposal for 11 single-family townhouses, 6 condos above a commercial space, 22 rear parking spaces accessed through a common drive, and extensive stormwater management features.

And let’s not forget about the construction activity in either direction from this corner. To the west, two condo buildings are nearing completion and are on the market. To the east, two other buildings are in various states of construction.

To the west

Annnd in the east

We’ll be at that SOSNA meeting next week and will hopefully be able to get the complete scoop in this exciting new development in the neighborhood. Now let’s start speculating on what’s going to fill that commercial space. Wegmans, anyone?