The rethinking of public spaces has become all the rage in Philadelphia in the last couple of years. Every spring, more parklets appear outside of popular businesses. The Porch has taken a bleak stretch of sidewalk in front of 30th Street Station and turned it into an active, programmed space. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society keeps creating pop-up gardens in prominent vacant lots. And in a couple of weeks, the triangle at 23rd Street and Grays Ferry Avenue will become the next public space, albeit on a temporary basis.

Catharine Thorn Park

For years, efforts have been in the works to take the first little section of Grays Ferry Avenue away from cars and give it to neighbors and pedestrians. With a string of businesses on one side, hopes for a great mixed-use project on the other side, and a restored historic fountain and some fantastic trees in the middle, it seems like a no brainer. And soon, after many stops and starts, a six-month trial will place to see just how well it works out.

Concept of the trial park. Image from This Old City.

But such a project doesn't come without costs. SOSNA and their Triangles committee have been very active over the past few years advocating for the triangles and raising money. Plazapalooza events have been successful in generating funds, and we encourage you to attend the next Plazapalooza on May 4th. We likewise encourage you to go to an event tomorrow which is also raising money for the triangles.

At 2301 Bainbridge St., in a parking lot that should soon be redeveloped, there will be a BBQ to raise money for the park. $10 gets adults in the door, and kids are free. At the event, there will be an Easter egg hunt, a bouncy castle, food, drink, and music. For people or businesses interested in sponsorships for furniture in the park, there will be samples of the tables, chairs, planters, and lounge chairs that will be places in the park in a couple of weeks. Also, new residents will have the opportunity to register to vote. And it's supposed to go up to 67 degrees. So spend some time outside, will ya?

The event takes place Saturday, April 19th, from 1pm until 5pm.

Support the triangles! Come to the BBQ! Come to Plazapalooza! See you there?