We've been following the project at 810 S. 21st St. for about a year and a half, since the developers first presented plans for a home on this 19' x 18' lot to the SOSNA zoning committee. Back then, we informed you that this parcel was not, as you might have assumed, the rear yard for the church at the corner of 21st & Catharine, but its own tiny property, subdivided from the church at some point in its history. We were not convinced that the ZBA would permit the construction of a home on such little lot, especially with several people opposed to the project speaking out at the community meeting.

Over a year ago

But allow it the ZBA did, and when we checked in on the project in May, a little house was indeed under construction here. We wondered about a possible price point for the home, mentioning the robust nature of the market in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood and suggesting that two-story homes without tax abatements were selling in the mid-$400K range. Given the unusual layout of the new home, with a kitchen in the basement, a living room on the first floor, and a bedroom on each of the second and third floors, we speculated that the developers might list the property for around $500K and see what happens from there. We were only off by about a hundred grand.

Current view

Pretty much the entire 1st level. Image from Trend.

Partially submerged kitchen. Image from Trend.

As you can see in the images above, the home is now finished. And it's listed for sale for $595K. The home has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a basement kitchen, no parking, and 1,400 sqft of living space at best. And yet, we can actually imagine, given the demand for new construction in the neighborhood and the awesome new schoolyard across the street at the Chester A. Arthur School, someone putting in an offer close to the asking price. Taking into account that other new construction in the neighborhood is selling for over $1M, a sale price close to $600K at this location sounds more possible than ever before.