Though there are fewer and fewer spots to be found for new construction in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, developers are slowly tracking down the remaining lots and building with aplomb. And with a paucity of vacant lots in this neighborhood, we’re seeing an uptick of late in rehabs of existing three story buildings. Today, we have updates on two projects we’ve told you about in the past, and some new info about a project we just noticed nearby.

First, we look at the corner of 19th & Kimball, where two new homes have progressed considerably since foundations were poured back in November. The homes, designed by Harman Deutsch, are a nice departure from the stucco bays next door, and we also appreciate the lack of garages, creating more eyes on the street. The developer here, you may recall, is also working on the former Saint Albans check cashing place just a few blocks away.

The new homes

Around the corner, five homes have gone up on the 1900 block of League St., as we foretold last summer. We still think they’re really overbuilt for this block, for the record. And as for the additional ten homes presented to SOSNA for this block, we’ve seen no sign of those as of yet.

Homes on League Street. Look how close they come to the homes behind them.

Meanwhile, around the corner, 1003 S. 19th St. is in the early stages of a major renovation. The same party has owned this lovely Brownstone since the early 1990s, and has either sold it to a new owner that hasn’t been reflected on public record, or is simply fixing up a long-held asset. Unfortunately, one of the permits indicates that the facade will be removed and replaced with brick veneer. While it will be a plus to see this property fixed up, it will indeed be a shame to lose this unique facade.

Man in front of the property thought we were taking his photo and was not pleased

Hopefully, some of the current character of the building will be preserved. But we’re not getting our hopes up.