In October, we told you about the reconstruction of the 2100 block of Carpenter Street, a block that looked like this in 2004:


At that time, there were thirty vacant lots on this block. In October, we counted five that remained. And now, three of those vacant lots are on the outs.

2115 Carpenter St.

2115 Carpenter St. is the furthest along of the properties currently under construction. It will be a duplex, and one of the condo units is currently listed at $350K.

2103 Carpenter St.

2103 Carpenter St. is currently being framed out. Metro Impact, builder of countless projects in the neighborhood, is behind this particular development. This property sits in between the two vacant lots that remain on this block, 2105 Carpenter St. and 920 S. 21st St. (the hole on the northwest corner of 21st & Carpenter).

2116 Carpenter St.

At 2116 Carpenter St., the construction process is just getting underway.

We imagine all three homes will be completed in the coming months, and this block will be almost totally occupied. Which is pretty good news, considering the new gastropub that’s on the way at the end of the block. And the park-side cafe that will hopefully be coming to Julian Abele Park.

Yup, it’s a good time to be living in this part of the neighborhood.