For the past couple of years, 2223 Grays Ferry Ave. has been a vacant storefront, available for rent. It seemed curious to us that this commercial space was empty for so long, considering the dynamic growth of South Street West during that time. And with the constant flow of people to South Square Market across the street and the long-term success of Grace Tavern a few doors down, it seemed even stranger that some business had not yet taken this space off the market.

View of the space last fall. Image from Grays Ferry Triangles Facebook page.

A couple of weeks ago, however, a new business finally made its way to this space, adding a new amenity to South Street West. We stuck our heads inside The Igloo last week, and came away with the impression that this place could be a fixture in the neighborhood for years to come.

Looking down Grays Ferry

The Igloo is the newest business in town to tap into the apparently-still-flourishing frozen yogurt trend. The store has several self-serve froyo machines, and one behind the bar for “premium flavors.” Most interestingly, the hours of operation will run until 10pm on weeknights and 11pm on the weekend, offering after-dinner snacks for folks in the neighborhood. And let’s not forget how exciting this new business must be for the 1-5 year-old demographic that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds in the area.

The Igloo will have their official grand opening on March 23rd, when the Catharine Thorn Fountain is turned back on. Plazapalooza on May 4th will also be an excellent opportunity to check them out. Or, you know, any warm day between now and then.

And if froyo isn’t your thing, don’t forget that a Rita’s should be arriving in the next couple of months, just half a block away.