For the past ten months or so, we’ve passed by 609 S. 20th St., imagining what could have been. As you may recall, some brave neighbors stepped up to the plate back in January and purchased this property, saving the community from the atrocity that would have been the Bedford Cafe. Ah, what a welcome sight this dilapidated former luncheonette, so much better than the horrible thought of a restaurant/cafe from the Pub & Kitchen people!

Looks great

But if you want to take in the wonderful views of this building, you’d best drop by soon, for alas, the structure is not long for this world. According to a permit that’s posted in the window, issued about a month ago, the building will soon be torn down and replaced with a three story home.

There's the permit

While we’ll miss the visual reminder of the proverbial bullet the neighborhood dodged, we’ll of course be very happy to see a new house rise on this lot. With the elimination of an evil commercial space, hopefully this will discourage other small businesses from trying to come into a neighborhood that really should be 100% residential. Hopefully, some of those scary stores half a block away on South Street will likewise be replaced by homes in the very near future.

Up the street, a <gulp> new cupcake place is coming soon. Ugh.