Last week, at the monthly SOSNA zoning meeting, developer Steve Shklovsky of MetroImpact presented plans for the redevelopment on 1000 S. Bouvier St. (pronounced Boo-veer), currently a two-story home. This development would be immediately adjacent to the duplex that Metro has nearly completed on the corner of 18th & Carpenter, a project we told you about several months ago.

The new duplex

Straight on

With both of the units pictured above under contract pre-construction, we can certainly understand why Metro would want to build what will essentially be a third unit on the Bouvier Street lot. Looking at the renderings, the three homes together will almost look like a single development when they’re all built (presuming the third one gets zoning approval).

Existing building on Bouvier St., which would be demoed

Front, then side elevations of 1000 S. Bouvier St.

Looking at elevations of the proposed development (on the left) and the mostly built duplex (on the right)

Because of the garage, the proposed home would have no rear yard space, which was an issue for some members of the SOSNA zoning committee. While this may result in the committee not lending their support to this particular project, we’re guessing that the ZBA will support it. This, due to the fact that the neighborhood committee supported the duplex next door, which also lacks rear yard space.

What do you think? Just how important is rear yard space for homes, especially for those located on a corner? Are roof decks sufficient for open space, or should every house have a yard? Should the ZBA force the developer to scrap the garage, or is the symmetry created with the building next door visually appealing?

What say you, kind readers?