If things break right, change will soon be afoot for two corners of the 22nd & Christian intersection. We already told you before about plans to demolish the one-story building at the northeast corner and replace it with a four-story mixed-use building with a vegan pizza place on the first floor. That project went to the ZBA earlier this month, but was continued. We’re cautiously optimistic that it’ll get approved once the ZBA finally hears the case, as it got community support last month.

Current view on the NE corner
22nd Christian Render
Rendering for the NE corner

The southeast corner has been home to a corner store for a long time, with the current version being its most welcoming incarnation. Turn back the clock a decade, and the building had no awnings or windows, with cigarette ads as the only signage. While the corner store might be much more inviting now, it could soon be on the outs. Looking at the image below, you can see that there’s now a ‘For Rent’ sign on the building.

Space for rent
Kim Van
A peek inside

Our initial theory was that the space was for rent as a turnkey business, but looking at the listing, it seems the space is available but the business doesn’t come with it. The asking price is $3,500/month, which includes roughly 1,000 sqft of space and a full unfinished basement. The ad has been posted for a couple months, so nobody has jumped at the opportunity just yet, but it could be a worthwhile spot for someone to take over. We wonder what kind of business would have success here, given the relatively small size of the space. Of course, with a new vegan pizza place across the street and neighborhood stalwart Sidecar sharing the intersection, the foot traffic will be better than most corners in the area.

Sidecar, catty corner

Considering that a corner store has been here for so long, we wonder whether it’s reasonable to expect a different kind of business in this space. Assuming a potential tenant steps forward in the coming months, we’ll get our answer soon enough.