Back in the day (about 15 years ago), when there were over a thousand vacant lots and buildings in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, 908 S. 21st St. kind of blended in with its surroundings. As the neighborhood has improved and vacant lots and buildings have disappeared, this building's condition has worsened while becoming more and more obvious.

In the past

But hark, the building has been demolished! Perhaps due to all the L&I violations.

Building has been demolished

Developers purchased this property earlier this year for a whopping $260K. They can build a duplex here by right, which would seem to be the way to go here. No doubt, the neighbors won't be sad to see a new structure arrive on the scene. The same could surely be said for 2100 Carpenter St., just a few doors to the south, but that building remains vacant and blighted.

This building is still around

This property has had the same owners since 2006 and has a ton of violations, but very little tax debt (surprisingly). It recently got a Doors & Windows violation, which means that it should at least look less horrible in the near future. Or perhaps the people who own it will be inspired to sell the thing.

Doors & Windows violation plus some creepy/awesome graffiti

If the building does change hands at some point, we kinda hope they keep the graffiti.

It will haunt your dreams…