Chef Tony Inchote—of Dmitri’s, Susanna Foo and Twenty Manning fame—will be opening Sawatdee (a Thai greeting meaning “Hello. How are you?”) at 1501 South Street at the old Pico De Gallo location. Inchote will be preparing traditional Thai food (i.e: pad Thai, curries, stir-fried basil) as well as many vegetarian dishes, and he tells us renovations on the BYOB location will start at the end of this month. Restaurant hours will be 11am to 10pm Monday through Thursday, 11am to 11pm on Friday, 4pm to 11pm on Saturday, and 4pm to 10pm on Sunday. By returning to his traditional cuisine, chef Inchote looks to see if he can convince “Thai-food lovers” to order more than pad Thai. Sawatdee will have outdoor seating and take-out and delivery, and will be a welcome addition to a neighborhood in desperate need of a Thai place that is open for lunch and that delivers (*cough* My Thai *cough*).