The last couple of months, the SOSNA zoning calendar has been fairly quiet, with last month’s meeting representing a sight rarely seen in this neighborhood- a zoning meeting ending in like half an hour.

But worry not! As we begin to emerge from winter’s chilling grip, new projects are beginning to poke their little heads out of the proverbial soil, and the docket for next week’s meeting will contain several interesting proposals. You may recall, we alluded to one of them just the other day, when we told you about plans to build four new houses to the south of the Artist Village buildings.

Today, we have news of a more exciting nature. Franchisees for Rita’s will be presenting to SOSNA next week to open a location at 2124 South St., a commercial space that’s been vacant for over a year. Previously, a bike shop made its home at this location.

The space

Closer look. Love the look of the storefront.

A Rita’s would be one more addition to the continually growing and evolving South Street West. Just across the street from the proposed Rita’s is the slightly-more-than-a-year-old City Fitness, the gym at the bottom of the former union building that takes up most of the north side of this block of South Street. And let’s not lose sight of the humor inherent in the idea of the fitness lovers running on treadmills at the gym, looking out the windows, and seeing Rita’s across the street, so close and yet so far away.

Apartments and a gym and (perhaps someday) a Honey's across the street

We’d guess that this business will get community support, though you never can tell. We can recall when a Rita’s was proposed at 25th & Grays Ferry, but was shot down by near neighbors who feared that the water ice place would increase trash and become a “gathering place” for area kids. We’re perhaps a little more concerned with the fact that another summer treats store, The Igloo, is on pace to open just a block away. Can both shops survive in such close proximity? Or will neighbors have to “suffer” through a dessert war, with one place eventually emerging victorious?