Biking around over the weekend, we almost fell over when we saw this: a floating cornice!


In December, Todd Kent purchased 2036 Carpenter St., a home described in the listing as a place that “needs TLC.” Rather than simply applying a little TLC, Kent has opted to rehab the entire home, going before SOSNA a couple of months ago with plans to rebuild the rear of the house. It seems that the front of the house is being rebuilt as well. And the inside, to boot.

In the past. Let's hope they reattach the fiberglass awning when they're done.

We bring this to your attention because of the concerted effort by the owner to not only maintain the cornice line while rehabbing the home, but to maintain the beautiful original cornice. In an era where many builders are simply tacking a third floor onto two-story homes on mostly two-story blocks, it’s refreshing to see a new homeowner content with two stories of living space. And make no mistake, Mr. Kent is moving quickly. A new front was up yesterday:

Newly framed front with windows already installed

This conscientious approach is certainly a welcome sight in this neighborhood, where the fronts of many new construction homes are topped off with nothing more than a vinyl strip.

We’re looking forward to seeing the finished facade in the weeks to come. Perhaps the owner will echo the old facade and use greenish bricks? We shall see…