Development in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood has reached such a fevered pitch that even the smallest lots have become attractive to developers. Take three lots on the 2100 block of Kimball Street, presented to the SOSNA Zoning Committee a couple of weeks ago: each one 18′ wide by 30′ deep, presenting a host of challenges for architects and builders.

The homes next door are not at all deep.

Same story up the street

Nevertheless, J Quinlan Group intends to build three new homes at 2117, 2131, and 2133 Kimball St., half a block north of Washington Avenue. Quinlan asked for support for a couple of variances, including height (the pilot house for the roof deck was a little too tall) and open space (30% open space would require a 21′ home). The committee and the community both seemed to find these requests reasonable, and it seemed as though Quinlan had the support of the room.

Across the street

The potential development of these homes brought us to a block that we hadn’t thought about in over a year, as these homes will face the rear of the Frankford Chocolate Works building. You may recall, this property had plans for a mixed-use reinvention back in 2011, but positively nothing has happened here, aside from some interior demolition many months ago. Hopefully, by the time these homes are built and sold there will at least be some news about the Chocolate Works. But we can’t say we’ll be holding our breaths.