Back in May, we told you that the 2014 PHS Pop-Up Garden would be appearing on the 1400 block of South Street. We've been foaming at the mouth in anticipation, and now the wait is over at last. Remember, this was a godforsaken vacant lot just a month ago (and for like the past twenty years), and the Horticultural Society has done their usual bang-up job in turning it into a temporary green slice of heaven in the city. We visited the other day, and snapped some photos for your enjoyment:

Entrance on South Street

Tables and umbrellas and foliage when you walk in

More of the same on the other side

Pavers in the middle with more seating. Some seats have cushions!


Behind the booze, a window to Jamaican Jerk Hut. Mac and cheese for four bucks.

Closer to Kater Street, hammocks for loungin'

Looking back toward the front

Not bad, eh?

The garden opens weekdays at 11am, and weekends at noon. Food and drink run from 5pm-10pm Mondays through Thursdays, 5pm-12am Fridays, 2pm-12am Saturdays, and 12pm-10pm Sundays. Along with foodstuff from the Jamaican Jerk Hut, look for a rotation of food trucks to appear in the rear of the garden. And a whole bunch of events will be taking place as well.

The garden will be around through Bloktoberfest, so you have no excuse. Get on down to South Street West, people!

Like you have better plans this weekend.