Last month, we told you about new commercial shutters at 924 S. 20th St., a signal that a corner store was coming to this property, which had been vacant for over three years. At the time, we indicated that execution would be a huge determinant in terms of whether the neighbors would embrace or reject this business. The store isn’t open yet, but let’s just say we’re, uh, not off to a great start.

In May


Closer look at eastern side

Southern side

It’s actually kind of tough to figure out where to start. We’ll do our best. A list, perhaps?

– These signs are remarkably and perhaps historically ugly. A rare example of something brand new that’s a actually blighting influence.

– The signs are also illegal. To make a long and exceedingly boring story short, this business can have only one sign, flat against one of the walls of the building without procuring a variance. No matter how you count ’em, there’s more than one sign here and none are flat against the building.

– Sadwiches? Really?

– Speaking of variances, the owner of this building got a variance for a night club, as well as a sit-down restaurant back in February of 2009. Because no business has opened in the intervening years, we’re almost certain that those variances have lapsed. Additionally, the take-out variance that was grandfathered from the closed Chinese take-out place has almost definitely lapsed as well. So no hoagies or “sadwiches” without a new variance.

– Was it really necessary to advertise the products for sale at this grocery by plastering the windows with photos of trademarked products? Did Nabisco agree to this? The Quaker Oats Company? We’re thinking, probably not.

– And while we’re talking about the covered windows, wouldn’t it be nice if this new store created some eyes on the street?

– Do you see the air conditioner unit sitting on Carpenter Street? That doesn’t seem Kosher.

– According to this thread on Philadelphia Speaks, the owners of this store have installed bulletproof glass inside. We hear SoWe nearly did the same, but reconsidered when they realized that it’s INSULTING AND UNNECESSARY

– Hmm… are we missing anything?

Now you know who to call if you want some sweet signage for your new business

Live in the neighborhood? Want to tell L&I how much you love this hideous and illegal signage? Call 311! Vote to fix it on SeeClickFix!

We’ll be interested to see how the city responds to these violations, and how quickly they’re resolved. We’re certain that there are at least a couple more chapters in the Reyes Grocery story, but we’ll have to wait and see what comes next…