For years, as the Graduate Hospital neighborhood has improved by leaps and bounds, an old warehouse has remained on the 1700 block of Carpenter Street. This building, we believe, was once home to Lerro Products, a laundry care company that now makes its home in New Jersey.

In the past

If you visit 1729-35 Carpenter St. today, you'll see that the buildings have recently been demolished. We've actually expected this to happen for quite some time, as we remember Metro Impact presenting plans for this property a couple years ago at a SOSNA zoning meeting. We actually could have sworn we told you about it, but apparently not. According to public record, Metro Impact sold the property last fall to different developers for $1.68M.

Current view

Back in May, the developers went to the ZBA with plans for five quadplexes, with four on Carpenter Street and a fifth on Montrose Street.

Project site plan

But they got denied. If you look at the listing for the property, it indicates that zoning approvals had already been procured, so we don't know what's happening here. Twenty condo units would seem like a reasonable move given the size of the parcel, but eight homes would also work here. Even though they got denied at the ZBA, the developers still took down the buildings, so it seems that they have a plan in mind. We just couldn't tell you for sure what it is right now. Do any neighbors have a better sense of what's to come?