We've gotten regular emails over the last couple months from people wondering about 1807 Washington Ave., a building that's been under construction for quite some time and has a liquor license posting in the window. In its previous life, the building was home to a restaurant called Tasty Asia which we confess we never visited. We always did appreciate the Italian (or maybe Mexican) flag themed tile that ran up the front of the building.

A few years ago

In the last week or so, some new signage appeared here, giving us an indication that a new restaurant could be opening in the near future. The sign on the building tells us that the restaurant will be called Chick's, but we're almost certain that it has nothing to do with the Chick's Bar that had such a long run near 7th & Bainbridge and went away a few years ago. Interestingly, the new place will also incorporate the former warehouse at 1805 Washington Ave., which was last home to a produce place.

Current view

Not Mr. Peanutbutter on the sign

Both properties have gotten a tremendous facelift, and even though we don't know exactly what kind of establishment will open here, it's a given that it will bring more life and activity to Washington Avenue. If this corridor could only find its way to having a few more bars and restaurants, it would go a long way to filling in the "moat" between the Graduate Hospital and Point Breeze neighborhoods. Perhaps, as the Lincoln Square project at Broad & Washington and the mixed-use development at 2501 Washington Ave. progress, we'll start to see other businesses give Washington Avenue a shot. After all, those of us that already work on Washington Avenue could use some additional spots for lunchtime and happy hour.