We last checked in on the 1900 block of League Street in October, when we discovered five new homes under construction on a small block that's only a short trip from Washington Avenue. This development came on the heels of five additional homes that were built on the eastern side of the block a little less than a year earlier. Now, a new duplex on the corner of 19th & League will join the parade of new homes on the southern edge of the Graduate Hospital neighborhood.

New homes on League Street

New hole will be a duplex

The property was acquired by Mams Development LLC out of Richboro in late 2012 for $124K. According to permits, they're building a duplex on the site, which we would imagine will be sold as condos. It's nice to see that this property will break the recent trend in the immediate area and forego a front-loading garage. While it's not entirely clear from the photo above, the lot immediately to the north is remaining vacant, as it has been for at least a decade. It's been owned by the same company since 2005, which has tried to sell it a couple of times over the years to no avail.

Hopefully, the lot next door will be redeveloped sometime soon, as will the remaining lots on League Street. This is one of the few parts of the neighborhood that still has any contiguous stretches of vacant land, and it's interesting to see how quickly it's disappearing. Check back in a year, and we wouldn't be surprised if it's all gone.