A couple of readers checked in, asking if we had any idea about the recently dug hole at 2300 Christian St., a long vacant lot.

Looking south

Closer look

Bought at sheriff’s sale in 2006 by Sunrise Realty, a developer out Huntington Valley, this lot has been untouched for at least those six years. In retrospect, the developers did really well, paying only $66K for the 930 sqft lot. And with a total of only $1,800 in property tax obligations over those years, it wasn’t much of a hardship to hold onto the land without any sort of urgency to build. Sunrise purchased a few other properties in the Point Breeze neighborhood around the same time, and built a home on the 2000 block of Manton St. last year, but were unable to sell it. It’s possible, we suppose, that Sunrise sold the property in the last few weeks, but it hasn’t shown up on public record.

Sunrise home on Manton St., photo from Trend

A corner on Christian Street, the lot is zoned for commercial use. The developers can, we believe, build a mixed-use property on this site, with commercial on the first floor and two apartments above, by right. If the developers wish to do a purely residential use, like a single family home or a duplex, we’re fairly certain they will need a zoning variance. As of now, nothing is showing up on the zoning dockets regarding this property.

We’ll certainly keep an eye out for anything new and exciting happening here, and will update y’all if anything concrete materializes. Has anybody in the neighborhood heard any details?