Yesterday, we told you about a smallish house being built on the 1700 block of Kater St., on an unusually shaped lot. Turns out, there are a couple of other construction projects just a stone’s throw away.

At 626 S. 18th St., a single family home is replacing a duplex. It’s a shame the building that once stood at this spot was taken down- it had a unique look for the neighborhood. That being said, we imagine it probably wasn’t in such great shape inside.

One up from the corner

Just the other day

The new building is framed out after the lot sat empty for the past several months. The new property has not yet been listed for sale. Soon enough, we suspect.

Meanwhile, on the 1800 block of Kater St., a project that we profiled in August has tripled in size. At that time, one house, 1817 Kater St., was under construction. In the intervening months, that property has been completed and sold, and two more homes, 1819 & 1821 Kater St., are currently under construction.

Back in August

Recent shot

Both of the new homes are listed for $775K and both, from what we can gather, are already under contract. While those prices seem perhaps a little on the high side, the finishes in these homes make a case that the pricing could be about right.

This kitchen is crazy

Bathroom is pretty good, too

One more thing: Scroll back up and compare the before and after shot of 1815 Kater St. (the existing house, immediately next door to the three new homes. Nice new stucco job, right? Now, we wonder: Was the property owner so inspired by all the new construction on the block that they decided to clean up the facade of the home? Or did the developer of the three homes next door generously sponsor this renovation, to improve the salability of the new homes?

If it’s the former, then it’s nice to see new development spur existing residents to take better care of their properties. If it’s the latter, that is one shrewd developer.