It seems that every time we visit South Street West, a new business has opened up its doors. Just a couple of weeks ago, we spread the good news that Rita’s had finally opened on the 2100 block. And there appears to be hope that Ron’s Ribs will be making a comeback in the coming year. But it’s sadly not always peaches and cream for South Street West. No matter how dynamic the commercial corridor, there will always be attrition as time goes by. It’s just the nature of the beast.

So it was with heavy hearts that we watched as Pumpkin Market and Novita Bistro closed their doors last month, marking a strange circumstance of immediate neighbors closing their businesses at the same time. Passing by their former homes at 1608 and 1610 South Street the other day, it was clear that the former Novita location was already undergoing significant renovations.

Lots of construction in former Novita space

According to an email we got from the South Street West Business Association, a new restaurant will be coming to that space in the very near future. On September 11th, Entree South Street Bistro will be opening its doors for the first time and will be dishing out some tasty sangria. We don’t have any more info on the new place, but it’s clear that the demand for restaurant space on South Street West is quite strong. As for the space next door, we haven’t heard anything yet but we don’t imagine it will be vacant for too long.

Meanwhile, the large construction project next door is progressing quickly. Considering that groundbreaking took place in the spring, the progress is pretty impressive.

Progressing well

With two major construction projects set to wrap up here in the coming months, we should be seeing even more new businesses come to this block in the coming months. And you know we’ll give you the lowdown as soon as we hear anything.