For anyone who’s lived nearby for the last few years, 925 S 23rd St. has been an unfortunate eyesore. Surely, the neighbors were cheered when the vacant property received a Doors and Windows citation back in March, though they’ve surely noticed that nothing has changed at the site in the six months since. But hope springs eternal, and it looks like this building is finally on the way out.

The property

You can see the yard through the house because there's no back wall

Over the summer, Jib Partners Lp purchased the property for $200K. The previous owner bought the building back in 2006, before the homes immediately next door were even constructed. Permits were pulled for a renovation to the property which was started (note again the missing back wall) but never completed. Those permits remain open, but no work has been done in years.

Since the new owners stepped in, L&I has issued a new Doors and Windows citation, making it clear that the building either needs to be redeveloped or at least sealed up. Wasting little time, the new owners have gotten zoning permits that give them permission to demolish the remains of this structure, and replace it with a duplex. If we had to bet, we’d guess that these units will be offered as condos.

The homes up the street

No doubt, the neighbors are ecstatic about this. We’ll keep an eye on the site and let you know when there’s finally progress to report.