When we last left you, the Bedford Café, a one-story café/restaurant offspring courtesy of Pub & Kitchen, was in real estate limbo. Back in March, we first reported that the owners of Pub and Kitchen had placed the corner property at 20th and Kater Sts. under contract, with plans to convert the eyesore into something wonderful. With little resistance from the community at a SOSNA zoning meeting, the owners forged ahead with their plans. A few immediate neighbors fought back. Their primary compliant: possible noise from the new establishment. Nevertheless, the Bedford Cafe was granted its requested use variance in May by the ZBA, and the owners believed that they were on their way.


Well think again, the immediate neighbors appealed the zoning board’s decision. Absolutely within their rights.

But wait, here’s some new news: Bedford Cafe ain’t happening. The neighbors are buying the property. And don’t have any plans for it. These kind people are, to our knowledge, going down in history (take that with a shot of penicillin) as the first residents of Philadelphia to purchase a property with absolutely no plan to develop it with the sole purpose of preventing another party from moving forward with it.

Bravo Kater Street. Bravo, indeed.

What might have been