A couple of weeks ago, we told you about plans for two new homes to rise at the corner of 23rd & Carpenter, the long-time site of a surface parking lot. In either direction on this street, there’s construction activity worth mentioning, though all of the one-off variety.

First, 2342 Carpenter St. is getting a new facade and a total rehab effort on the inside. The property was purchased a couple of months ago for $167K, and the new facade will be a tremendous improvement. Previously, the building had some unfortunate green vinyl siding, which is for whatever reason falling out of favor these days.

Already framed out

A couple of blocks away, a vacant lot at 2105 Carpenter St. has finally been filled in by a new home, still under construction. For years, 2107 Carpenter St. was a blighted home, either vacant or occupied by squatters, with two vacant lots next door. That home was rehabbed a couple of years ago, and 2103 was built as a duplex last year. Now, there’s no vacant land left on the block, aside from the giant hole on the northwest corner of 21st & Carpenter.

Framed out, between a rehab and a new duplex

On the next block, a home was recently demolished and its neighbor will probably be getting some work done in the near future. 2006 Carpenter St. was acquired earlier this year for $200K and was torn down in the last few weeks. In its place will rise a four-story single family home that we think will need to go to zoning, though we haven’t seen it on any agenda as of yet. Next door, 2008 Carpenter St. is a foreclosure property under contract, that “needs some updates.” So we’ll see what happens there.

Just goes to show you folks, even when the vacant lots start to run out, there are still plenty of development opportunities to be found in some neighborhoods in town.