The three-bedroom three-bathroom 20-foot-wide home at 2312 South Street is unfortunately no longer on the market (it was sold for $780K). The open and airy townhome has 12-foot ceilings (which are actually utilized and highlighted with high-hung art), floor-to-ceiling bookcases, an artists’ studio and separate north and south roof terraces. Right near the Graduate Hospital triangle near Grays Ferry and the South Street bridge, the large wooden garage door makes the 2,840-square-foot listing stand out from its neighbors. The interior is equally spectacular, with rustic exposed beamed ceilings and details (vintage mirrors) juxtaposed with sparkly chandeliers (a great way to change the blah look of a kitchen). A recessed fridge area and high shelves utilize the large space without making it seem empty or boxy. —Caitlin Connors