A reader emailed us the other day about a blighted vacant lot near their home that’s been giving them a headache for quite awhile. 1000 S Cleveland St., located in the middle of the 1800 block of Carpenter, seems ripe for redevelopment. Unfortunately, it’s an overgrown lot that’s somehow missing large patches of sidewalk.

The lot

View of the rear

The property was purchased by Anatolia Property Management for $85K back in 2006. The taxes are generally paid up on the property, except for a missed payment in 2010. There are no violations on the property, nor are there any vacant land licenses. So what gives? The address for Anatolia Property Management is an apartment at 918 S 22nd St., the building that formerly housed Divan and now is home to SoWe. This property is owned by Ilkur Ugur, the guy who owned Divan and may still have plans to open a park-side cafe at the renovated Julien Abele Park.

Back in 2010, the vacant lot in question was briefly listed on the market for $115K, not a bad price for a lot of that size in this area. This after it didn’t sell for $135K when it was on the market for six months back in 2009. Hopefully, someone will step in and purchase and develop this lot quickly, though some near neighbors may then need to find a new place to let their dogs do their business.

Maybe someone can build a home here, like one of the houses on the nearby 1000 block of Dorrance Street?


Uhh… fingers crossed?