We've visited the 1400 block of Pemberton Street on a couple of occasions, most recently a little over two years ago when we checked in on 1420 and 1422 Pemberton St., two homes that were taking a really long time to reach the finish line. But the developers did finally finish these homes last year, selling both at prices above $1M. So yeah, things worked out just fine in the end.

The two homes, and another new construction home seemingly coming soon next door

Turning our gaze to the north side of the street, we see some properties that made up the final phase of the Artisan Homes project, along with a wooden fence protecting 1428-32 Kenilworth St., a seemingly vacant parcel. We know we're looking at these properties from Pemberton Street, but they actually have Kenilworth Street addresses. Moving right along.

Fence on the north side

If you take a closer look, you'll discover something that the neighbors have surely been aggravated about for years. This isn't actually a vacant lot, it's three foundations!

Peeking over the fence

Looking at the Google Street View, we see these foundations have been here since at least 2009, right around the time that the foundations were poured for the homes we first mentioned above. These foundations predate some of the other homes on the block as well. And if you look carefully, it appears as though they're starting to crumble a bit. Or perhaps a monster took a bite out of the wall of the middle foundation.

But hold on to your hats folks, we've got some news to share. Back in April, new developers stepped in, purchasing the foundations for $1.3M. With sale prices for surrounding homes topping $1M, this is a very fair price and tells us that construction should be getting started sooner rather than later. We're not engineers so we won't speculate as to whether they'll be able to reuse the foundations, but we'd hope that they've held up to these years of being exposed to the elements.

Does anyone in the area have any insight into why these foundations have been sitting unbuilt for so many years? With the crazy success of the Artisan Homes project, we'd have thought that these homes would have been built years ago.