We got a tip from a reader about a rehab at 2154 Webster St., a run-down former store across the street from the Sidecar Bar & Grille. We took a look at this property a few years back, and the inside was pretty much in the condition you’d expect, looking at the outside of the building. The developer, Jorge Garzon, appears to be keeping the facade, but has demoed everything else.

No roof

From the west

According to the gentlemen working on the site, the developer intends to add a third story to the existing building and sell it as a single family home. We were hoping for a commercial use, but quickly realized that the building’s residential zoning would have made that a serious challenge. The difficulty of getting commercial financing would have been a roadblock there as well.

Looking down Webster St.

The 2100 block of Webster has seen tremendous changes in recent years, with a huge vacant lot replaced by new construction homes that have sold for close to $500K. This rehab will improve one of the uglier buildings in the entire neighborhood, and one of the few remaining buildings on the block that have not been redeveloped in the past decade or so.

And the best news for the people who end up purchasing this house?

The easy commute to brunch, of course.