Earlier this week, we profiled an eleven-home development coming to the 2500 block of Montrose St., developed by Metro Impact. That project was presented for a second time to the SOSNA Zoning Committee a couple of weeks ago, and the re-imagined project has a look that we don’t see enough of in the neighborhood.

Renderings of Montrose St. project

In the coming months, it looks like Metro will get moving on another project, probably designed by the same architect. This project will be located at 1622-24 Fitzwater St., at the intersection with Chadwick St., and will be called Fitz4. As we discussed last month, Chadwick St. between Fitzwater and Catharine Sts. has been completely reinvented in the past couple of years. Since 2007, nearly a dozen vacant lots have been built upon, and the block is nearly completely built up, save the northern end.

Current view of the corner

Thanks to Metro Impact’s Facebook page, we were able to get a sneak peek at a rendering for this project.


Fitz4 will effectively top off Chadwick St. with four new homes. With innovative designs from Atrium LLC‘s Shimi Zakin, these homes will feature garages and roof decks and will cut an impressive profile on this currently vacant corner.

We often find ourselves lamenting the lack of creative architecture in development in this neighborhood, and it’s really encouraging to see Metro Impact, one of the more prolific developers in Graduate Hospital, embrace a new and unusual design standard. Since these images are so preliminary, we imagine there will be some changes by the time they get built, and we’ll be sure to update as necessary.