Over the summer, we told you about 1900 Christian St., a vacant corner property uglying up the Graduate Hospital neighborhood. Still no word on when it’s going on the market, but today we’re looking at it as a worthwhile test study of the Doors and Windows program from L&I.

From just a few months ago

As you may also recall, we recently gave you the lowdown on a new law that requires all structures on blocks that are at least 80% occupied to have actual doors and windows where they’re supposed to. The building above, as you can plainly see, does not pass muster. Not even close. Unattended, this property could be subject to fines as high as $6,000 per day.

L&I’s goal in this program is not, however, to collect massive fines. Their goals are to get property owners to enter into consent agreements, comply with the laws, and eliminate the blighting influence of their vacant buildings. We’re happy to report that in this case, and many others, those goals have been accomplished.

Wow, windows! And a new house next door!

From a slightly different angle

So there you go, folks. This program does work. Remember, if you have a building on your block that doesn’t have doors or windows but should, call 311 right away. Help fight the blight!