On the 1600 block of Carpenter Street, where a few new homes have gone up in recent years, three more appear to be on the horizon. Two foundations are poured and framing has begun at 1621 and 1623 Carpenter, with plans submitted and construction ostensibly coming soon to the remaining lot next door.

Two foundations

A lot remains

According to the building permits, these three lots will soon contain three duplexes with roof decks. This is in the same vein as several other developments that have taken place within a block of this location, with builders taking advantage of fairly deep lots to increase density. We’re guessing the these duplexes will be rentals, considering the fact that they’re across the street from a loading area that throws off some funky smells, especially in the summer. Also, because the owner is a gentleman by the name of George Evangelou, owner of the South Street Diner and a couple dozen properties around town.

It’s interesting to see this owner actively developing property in this neighborhood, considering the fact that he owns a hole on the northwest corner of 21st & Carpenter. And we’re not being dramatic here, it’s quite literally a hole.

This lot looks awful

So Mr. Evangelou, maybe once you’re done building these homes a few blocks away, would you consider developing this lot? Or we could probably find you a buyer, if you’d prefer…