Back in the day, meaning 1914, the freight station at S. Broad St. and Washington Ave. was actually a good-looking building. From this view, it appears as though station was modeled after Greek architecture with its triangle rooftop and inset pillars, which are decoratively molded into the building’s exterior. Now the area where the north side of Washington Street meets Broad is an expanse of empty lot, fenced off and littered upon with tufts of fleeting grass and weeds. The freight station that supposedly once stood at this site is nowhere to be seen. Instead, we are greeted by the beaten down construction that is an ASA Food Supply warehouse, whose graffiti trails urge visitors to “hunt” and “avoid” the vicinity. The lot has plenty of potential; it is sad to see it in such a tired present state after having seen the pretty construction that used to occupy this area. Click here to find out what it could become. —Alex Graziano