A reader tipped us off that a developer had finally broken ground at 2301 Montrose St., a former vacant lot previously owned by PHA for many years. Zoning approval came from SOSNA and the ZBA over a year ago.


Front and back

Couple of bays on the side

When complete, the snug home will have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms over 1,800 sqft of interior space. Since it’s being built on a 14’x36′ lot, we’re guessing there won’t be much of a rear yard, but the large roof deck should make up for it. We’d expect a price in the $400K range once the building goes on the market.

Meanwhile, to the north, a project we first told you about many months ago is chugging to the finish line. At 2300 Christian St., another long-vacant lot has turned into a building, and this one is of the mixed-use variety. A commenter stated over the summer that a real estate and insurance office would be coming into the commercial space, while the upstairs units will be residential.

Getting close now.

On the other end of the spectrum is 925 S. 23rd St., a property that’s been blighted for at least the last few years and remains so to this day. Purchased for $195K in 2006, it’s currently on the market as a short sale for just under $180K. For a few dollars less, they might find some takers, we’d guess. But until then, it’s gonna look like this.

From the south. Next to three homes that went up a few years ago.

Hopefully, a buyer will step up soon and this stretch will have two vacant lots and a blighted shell cleaned up in less than two years time. Not bad at all.