For years, the northwest corner of 17th & South was a large vacant lot. Three summers back, we told you of plans to redevelop the parcel, a project that would mean nine apartment units and a 7-11 on the first floor. It took awhile, but construction finally started moving earlier this year. And then it came to a screeching halt and the project sat, seemingly in limbo, for several months. Thankfully, construction started moving again in October or November, and much progress has been made. The building is certainly an upgrade over what we had here before, though we confess we're holding out hope that the 7-11 thing will fall through.

Construction is on track again

Across the street, it's worthwhile to mention that another project we talked about way back when is set to move forward. In May of 2013, we told you that Puentes de Salud, a non-profit that focuses on health care needs of the Latino community, was hoping to open a clinic on the southwest corner of 17th & South, in a space that's attached to an unattractive parking garage. We always kind of envisioned a bar opening there, but South Street West has gotten new drinking establishments in other locations such that near neighbors shouldn't find themselves so thirsty these days.

Current view of 1700 South St.

Back then, Puentes had received a service grant from the Community Design Collaborative and worked with local architects Johnson Stromberg to put together a plan for the space. They were, at the time, doing some serious fundraising to make the project a reality. And it seems they were successful. In September, they brought their project before the ZBA and got approved. No clue when they'll be getting moving on construction, but the space won't sit vacant for much longer.

An old rendering

We'd wager they've made some changes to their plan since this rendering was produced, but it's a safe bet that this corner is about to get a little more lively. Frankly, the space couldn't look more depressing than it does today- so any change will represent big progress.