Almost four years ago, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, announcing the official opening of Julian Abele Park, at 22nd & Carpenter. Since then, the park has experienced a Rock n’ Run, a few 5K runs, farmer’s markets, a concert series or two, a new mural (which may be eliminated in the future, if a proposed cafe in the park ever gets built), the closing of the restaurant across the street, the opening of a new restaurant across the street, and untold quantities of dog waste.

The park today

From the north

This first phase of the park should be considered a great success, for all the reasons above (aside from the poop) and more. Considering what this site looked like previously, and the alarming lack of green space in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, the park, to this point, has represented a tremendous first step. And now, after over a year of bureaucratic delays, the park is ready to take the next step, which we originally told you about last May.

Current aerial shot of the park

Phase 2 design

By the time springtime rolls around, the park should be totally transformed. New benches, lots of pavers, an entry gate on Carpenter St., new landscaping, and a replanted lawn will turn the park into a space that’s welcoming to neighbors and families seeking a respite from the surrounding environs of brick and concrete. Considering some of the impressive new parks that we’ve told you about in recent months, we have high hopes for Julian Abele Park 2.0, and can’t wait to see the finished product.

As this construction begins, movers and shakers in G-Ho can start to think about its next project- a legit dog run. After all, the myriad neighborhood dogs have to do their business somewhere, right?